Running, Cycling & Triathlon Memorabilia Framing


Our range of running and cycling inspired framing services are designed to display in pride of place your running top, race bib, race number or medal. Put on display proof of your special achievement at an affordable price. Whether you ran a 5k, 10k, Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, and everything and anything in-between we have the framing service for you!

The Shirt Framing Service are also able to combine different items of memorabilia in a single frame such as our race bib and medal framed combo.

We can frame everything from your vest to the medal. We have even framed a special pair of trainers that have helped run 1000 miles. Whatever you want framed or put on display we have you covered. We take care of your items so you can treasure your memories for years to come. Keep in mind your personal motivation and allow your framed memorabilia to continue to inspire you and others. Whether you ran for fun or competitively, did it for fitness, weight loss, or to raise money in memory of a loved one.

Designed for the running fraternity these sports framing services can easily be adapted to suit framing sysling jerseys, triathlon apparel or rowing tops too. We have even framed an Olympic wrestling singlet and competitor bib on a single frame.

These personal framed mementos also make great gifts for a special loved one, or as a corporate gift. Show your appreciation and tell them how truly special they are.


 Vest & Singlet Framing

Allow yourself to relive the moment you crossed the finishing line and continue to inspire your training and life with our running and triathlon vest singlet and event merchandise framing services.

If your looking for something more bespoke, Please hit the contact us button at the bottom of the page. 

Medal Framing and Accessories

Capture that moment of success and achievement with our medal framing services. Availible in a number of formats and styles to suit your requirements.

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