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UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand


The UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand is Made from 4mm genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded clear acrylic,  bent at the best angle for your glove to be displayed.

Simply attach the supplied fixing to your wall, place the holder in, and position your glove on top. to create a floating-off-the-wall effect

Perfectly accompanied by our other  Boxing and UFC framing services to create a spectacular display.


Further Info


Our UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand is made from 4mm genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded clear acrylic, the holder is bent at the best angle for your glove. Whether its a personal KO or a signed glove from your MMA idol this stand will create a stunning display.

Simply attach the supplied fixing to your wall, place the holder in, and position your glove on top. to create a floating-off-the-wall effect

Please note that the glove shown in photographs is not included, insert the glove yourself at home.

  • 4mm clear perspex
  • Fixings supplied
  • Holds a full-size glove
  • Polished for a clean and smooth finish
  • UK Based Manufacture


Looking for a more bespoke display case than our UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand  Bespoke designs are available and we will do what we can! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries. 

Mounting Guide

Display your UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand with pride up on the wall for everyone to see, follow these tips to ensure correct hanging.

  • Firstly, choose a place to mount your display box, avoid high humidity areas and direct sunlight 
  • Next, line up your mounting kit and screw in using strong fixings, we recommend screws. 
  • Line up your mounting kit ensuring it is straight and tighten the screws. 
  • Insert your memorabilia into the display case and place it onto the mount. 


All of our shipping is processed through DHL and we charge a standard price of £10. You are not required to send your memorabilia to us with this service so it is much quicker depending on the availability of the perspex boxes.

Once posted, your case will arrive within one working day,

Local? We also offer collection from our Poole Unit.

Key Information

UFC/MMA Glove Wall Stand Product key information

Mounting kit Optionals
Perspex Width 2mm
Weight Under 7kg


Frequently asked questions by our customers… 

How do I send my shirt to you? 

After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with our address. We recommend you send your memorabilia using recorded post to ensure nothing is lost.

Does the postage cost more for multiple shirts?

Our postage is a flat fee of £14 this does not vary depending on the number of frames ordered. 

What happens if my frame arrives damaged? 

All of our deliveries are insured for up to £250. Therefore, any damage to your frame will be repaired free of charge by our framers.  

What if I don’t like the frame when you send the picture to me? 

You are entitled to unlimited revisions in the approval process. Moreover, you will receive high-quality photos at each stage. 

How long does the process take?

Our estimated turnaround is 10-15 working days on our normal postage service. However, if you need your memorabilia framed in a shorter period, we do offer a 3-day rush option on select products.

Do you offer bespoke? 

These aren’t the only options we have, we have framed in over 100 different styles to suit your needs, if you are looking for something unique, please contact our sales team.

Where do you put the COA when framing memorabilia?

If you would like your Certificate of Authentication to accompany your memorabilia, we recommend attaching this to the back of the frame to keep it safe. If you would like to send it down with your memorabilia we will insert it into a protective sleeve and fix it to the back all free of charge.

How We Work

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Display your memorabilia

Once your display case has been delivered, it’s as simple as mounting your stand, and inserting your memorabilia, and your good to go!

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