Bronze Framing Service

Our Bronze Shirt Framing Service allows affordable high-quality framing with an eye-catching finish. Sleek in design the service comes with a choose of White or Black Frames and an option White or Black Background.


Silver Framing Service

Our Silver Shirt Framing Service allows affordable high-quality framing with an eye-catching finish. Sleek in design the service comes with a choose of White or Black Frames and a multi-colored option for backgrounds and borders including the option add a personalized plaque of your choice.


Gold Framing Service

Our Gold framing is a premium framing service which allows your shirts to show off all the best features but includes a personal touch with plaques and photos. Display your sleeves on full show in our 3D frames, and add the final touches by adding two free photos to give your shirts that additional bit of context. 


Illuminating Frames

Welcome to the world of light! If your looking for the ultimate way to display off your sporting shirts then look no further. Our Illumination framing allows you to display shirts with maximum visual impact. Activated through the use of a remote, the led function allows still or moving light effects in a variety of colours as standard. Mains powered, the lights themselves are hidden behind a black or white border.

SALE! NOW £129.99


Long Sleeved Framing

Designed to make your shirt pop in an understated and sleek professional frame displaying the Arms for total Effect. 


Deluxe Marathon Framing

Our Deluxe Marathon framing service takes marathon framing to a new level. Suitable for any running event and available in a variety of colours. 




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Classic Aston Villa Signed Shirt Charity Auction

  We are pleased to announce we have another signed and framed shirt with up for auction all in aid of the charity Bloodwise and friend of The Shirt Framing Service, Emma. Not only do we have a shirt for auction but also another mystery signed item to be...

Charity Round Up Winter 2018

 We've had a great few months at the end of 2018 meeting a few new charities and raising some money in the process. We offer a discount for charities who are looking to frame donated shirts where we will also Auction for them. This has been really successful and...

Poppy Shirt Framing – Adding The Finishing Touch

Every year since we started the business we have had an influx of Poppy shirts in November and December. For those who don't know, the majority of league clubs in England and Scotland ( and some non-league) will wear a special poppy around the weekend of the...

Supporting Charities

A few years ago whilst attending a charity event we saw a problem in the way signed memorabilia was being auctioned. Many charities receive kind donations from professional athlete's and clubs of signed memorabilia and were not getting what they should do for their...

The Boxing Legends Range

The Shirt Framing Service are proud to present our brand new array of products, The Boxing Legends Range. Over the last year, we have been working hard with manufacturers to produce a high-quality boxing framing solution. 

Three Simple Steps to get an Authentic Signed and Framed AFCB Shirt for under £75

As we all know authentic memorabilia can be hard to come by at the right price. However, with a few easy steps there is a way to get an authentic signed and framed 2017/2018 AFC Bournemouth shirt for under £75. This can be signed by the current Bournemouth captain...