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Commercial Framing For your professional sports club – How can we help?

As a commercial or a retail executive of a professional sports club, your main focus is to generate revenue and build sustainable partnerships with corporate sponsors. One way to achieve this is through the sale of merchandise, particularly signed and framed football shirts. However, to make the most of these opportunities, it’s important to partner with a high-quality worldwide framing company. This blog will explore the commercial benefits of doing so and what the Shirt Framing Service can offer your sports club when it comes to commercial framing.

Unique and High-Quality Product:

Corporate sponsors invest heavily in sports clubs to gain exposure and increase their brand awareness. When clubs partner with a reputable framing company, they can offer a unique and high-quality product to their sponsors – a framed sports shirt that prominently displays their logo alongside the club’s crest. The framing company can also incorporate relevant text or images to showcase the partnership in a more visually appealing way. This creates a win-win situation for both the club and the sponsor, as it allows the sponsor to leverage their association with the club in a more tangible way.

Increased Sales and Revenue:

In addition to corporate sponsorship benefits, we can help clubs generate revenue through the sale of signed and framed merchandise. Fans are always looking for unique and authentic items to add to their collections, and framed signed shirts can offer that extra layer of authenticity and exclusivity that traditional merchandise cannot. Framing companies can also help clubs create limited edition runs of framed signed shirts to increase their value and appeal to collectors. This exclusivity can drive demand and create a sense of urgency among fans to purchase the product, leading to increased sales and revenue for the club.

Who do we currently frame for?

The Shirt Framing Service now frames for over 10 professional sports clubs as well as completing a number of large projects. One of the most recognized is a 2020 Project commissioned by the FA. Within this project, The Shirt Framing service framed shirts for 23 outstanding people for their contributions to society during the Covid-19 pandemic. These were presented by recognized celebrities such as David Beckham and Gareth Southgate. Information on this can be found on the following Banner below

We have been working with The Shirt Framing Service for about three years now. We cannot fault their service and professionalism. Nothing is too much to ask and the quality of the framing is fantastic. We have seen their business grow and continue to grow in the last few years. What Jack has achieved is remarkable and he and his staff are totally customer satisfaction focused. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Eastleigh FC 


Jacqui Groves

Commercial Executive , Eastleigh FC

We were introduced to The Shirt Framing Service and were initially impressed by Jack when we met, and then we were even more impressed when we started to receive some of our framed shirts back. For the last 2 seasons, we have been using Jack and his team and we cannot fault their passion, professionalism, and quality. Their responsiveness to last minute requests are always dealt with and nothing is ever too much for them. We’d recommend The Shirt Framing Service to any sports club, association, or individual who has framing requirements. This team is the best in the business. Oxford United

Luke Dick

Commercial Marketing Executive , Oxford United

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