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The Shirt Framing Service

Where it all began….


My name is Jack, and since I was a child I have been obsessed with football!

Whether it was playing, watching or talking about the sport, it is what I loved the most and is partly how The Shirt Framing Service came into being.

In 2015, I got a signed Plymouth Argyle shirt (Yep…I’m an Argyle Fan…Greeeen Army!). Wanting to capture everything this shirt symbolized I went looking for a cost-effective yet professional framing solution. Shocked at what I was being quoted I headed to my local crafts store to set about doing this for myself. When finished, the product looked incredible, and upon posting it on social media friends were getting in touch wanting a similar service.

Having enjoyed the process so much, I offered to assist, and so began The Shirt Framing Service…

Since those early days, we have grown immeasurably! We are now able to provide a whole range of sports framing options from football to snooker and everything in between! TSFS caters for customers across the UK and into Europe and we have been incredibly proud to provide framing solutions for a range of professional sportspeople, Premier League players and businesses as well as supporting local charities The Dorset Children’s Foundation and Friends Fighting Cancer. 

As the service and range continue to grow so does my love for what I do. Being able to help others savour the memories behind their sporting memorabilia is why I started this venture, and what motivates me to offer the highest possible service.

Aiming to encompass all sports, we relish the challenge of framing the unique and obscure. Professionals within their sports have entrusted us with their treasured items and have commissioned us to frame for them everything from shirts to medals. We are also delight that sports governing bodies have used our services to create work they can use for promotional material. We do all of this whilst staying true to our roots and providing a quality framing option for all budgets. 

We cannot wait to hear from you, and to help you with your framing solution.

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