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You’re In Safe Hands

Here at the Shirt Framing Service we spend countless hours refining our processes and products to ensure that our customers get the best quality memorabilia framing service at the best value cost.

If you want to read more about our Nationwide Framing Service and how it works and the purchase process then please see our FAQ here. The rest of this blog will explore how we keep your treasured memorabilia and frame safe.

We know that entrusting us with your prized sports memorabilia can be daunting. However we want to assure you we can be trusted with even the rarest of shirts. From just this season’s shirt framed to adorn an office wall  to a match worn rarity. Or even a signed team shirt won in an auction. To us every item is precious.

As sports memorabilia enthusiasts ourselves The Shirt Framing Service was set up with one goal in mind; to be the premier sports memorabilia framing service in the UK. Five years ago when we began we only framed shirts for ourselves and people local to us on the South Coast.

We started in part because we couldn’t find anyone to frame our own memorabilia in the style we wanted, for the quality we expected at a fair price.

Jack our founder took the plunge and registered the limited company as soon as he was confident he had a formulae which worked at a price point which was fair.


What was that formulae?

For a truly nationwide service we had to be able to provide a quality frame and be able ship the framed memorabilia back to its owner safely.

The framed shirts had to arrive on time and in one piece. To achieve the goal of becoming the UKs premier sports memorabilia framing service nothing short of this would be acceptable. Trials of various couriers and packaging took nearly 2 years before we settled on the current specification.

Our key features that set us apart from the competition are our;

  • Packaging
  • Courier
  • Customer Service
  • Product and Service


The Packaging

Our boxes are bespoke, we buy in the card but build each box ourselves. To ensure the tightest of fits regardless of the size, shape or number of frames we are sending out.

We still but infrequently receive reports of damaged packaging, but thankfully this rarely translates into any form of damage to the frame or memorabilia inside. This is down in part to the reinforced corners, snug fit and double walled corrugated card we use for all our parcels.


The Courier

Many different courier companies were trialled in those early days. You can probably read horror stories about every courier on the market online. But when we gave DHL a chance they literally blew the competition out of the water.

Whilst DHL isn’t the cheapest option it certainly is the best value in our opinion. And we firmly believe price alone is rarely a measure of value! Our customers were happy with DHL therefore so were we.

Standard features include online tracking of your parcel, a text on the delivery day with an estimated delivery time and options to redeliver or redirect the parcel. It is also our experience that DHL treat our parcels with care and respect the deserve. Since moving to DHL many less reports of damaged packaging have been received.

All items sent are also covered up to the value of £250. Should your item be worth more than this we can increase the cover. Just ask us.


The Customer Service

We communicate with our customers any way they feel comfortable. Unlike your online bank we aren’t trying to get you to speak to a robot or telephone a soulless call centre to get the answers or help you need.

We can be reached by phone, email, text, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. Where every time you will be able to quickly and easily reach a real person. We may on occasion also answer out of hours, although there is no SLA in place for this. It is just what we do. We live and breathe framing shirts.

If in the rare instance you have a problem we personally take charge and ownership over any shipping issues, resolving them ourselves liaising direct with our courier.


The Product & Service

Probably the most important item on the list. Before any of the preceding items are required we had to have a market leading product and service for which there was demand.

Our product and service is simply the framing of your treasured sports memorabilia in to our stylish and well made frames. The frames, background and various styling options are all again bespoke products unique to us which we have spent years developing.

Our stylish frames are produced in 5 different sizes using the same high quality materials. Using the same materials for all of our frames allows us to keep our frames at an affordable great value price.

All frames come with a Perspex plastic front which makes them easier to ship, and of course safer than glass in the home. The frame is manufactured from MDF, which comes in a colour choice of white or black. 

The frames and style options available on this website are not an exhaustive list of everything we can offer. We are able to offer a bespoke service, to your own specification or to imitate a look or theme you have in mind. Please let us know what you have in mind and we can quote to replicate the style. You can find out how to contact us here.

As sports memorabilia enthusiasts ourselves we even go as far as to ensure your memorabilia can be removed from our frames without damage, should you want to one day hold it, or heaven forbid re-frame it. Therefore at all costs we avoid using tacks or other damaging fixings on the shirts. So if they are ever removed from the frame they are as pristine as the day they were put in.

Still unsure then feel free to read some of our feedback…

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