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Our gallery represents a small number of shirts we have had the pleasure of doing over the years. Encompassing a verity of framing options it offers a small view of the shirts and memorabilia that have passed through our workshop.

Many of these framing services seen here are available to purchase directly from our website. However, if you see any design which you like the style of and cannot find it please contact us directly for prices.

If we’ve framed a shirt for you, we’d love to see how it looks in its new home. Send us a photo and we’d be delighted to add it to our gallery.


Budget Framing Examples

Budget shirt framing is only suitable for adult sized shirts in either small, medium or large. Options are also limited to black or white frame and black or white background. It is not possible to customise the budget framing style in any way so unfortunately you cannot add any other memorabilia, photos or a plaque into the frame.

View more in the Budget Framing Gallery

Bronze Framing Examples

Our bronze shirt framing service is the best value 3D shirt framing service we offer. Colours options for the background is limited to keep costs down. The bronze shirt framing service has different size options available for children’s sized shirts, to adult shirts from small to XXL. Please ensure you pick the correct size for the garment you want framed. You can also opt to purchase a larger frame if you want it to match others in your collection. But we cannot fit a shirt in a frame too small!

The bronze shirt framing service does not include options for a plaque or photos either, please upgrade to a silver or gold service for these. We are also unable to fold the shirts so that the sleeves are on display on this option.

View more in the Bronze Framing Gallery

Silver Framing Examples

The silver shirt framing service is our best seller to date. Available for children’s size tops and shirts all the way through to adult XXL tops. Ensure you pick the frame size for the UK garment size for the best fit. Unfortunately we are unable to put the sleeves on display on this option without a surcharge being applied due to the sheer amount of time this takes, If you require sleeves on display then please contact us prior to ordering.

Having your memorabilia shirt framed in our silver service also ensures that you will get a plaque too. With your choice of up to 3 lines of text on a silver, gold or white plaque. Use the plaque to describe the player, team or special occasion. This is a very popular gift item because of the inclusion of a personalised plaque.

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Gold Framing Examples;

Gold shirt framing service, the pinnacle of our ‘off the shelf’ frame options. Extras include the inclusion of two photos (landscape orientation only without prior agreement) and a plaque. This time the plaque includes options for two logos to be printed upon it with the text of your choice too.

Sleeves can also be on display if required, and it is still available in sizes suitable for children’s tops up to adult shirts.

View more in the Gold Framing Gallery

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