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How to Frame a Sports Shirt – Introduction

Preserving sports memorabilia is a common tradition among enthusiasts and collectors. Among the most popular items to be preserved and displayed is the sports shirt – a symbol of dedication and passion for a team or athlete. Framing a sports shirt is not just about showcasing a piece of fabric; it’s about encapsulating memories and achievements. In this blog we will take you through the process of framing a sports shirt to perfection. Alternatively, to answer the question “How to frame a sports shirt” in a more simple way: The Shirt Framing Service. Click here to view shirt framing options.



  1. Preparation and Cleaning:

We start by ensuring the sports shirt is clean and free from any dust and creases. We gently brush the shirt and use a steamer to prepare it for framing.

  1. Mounting the Shirt:

We lay the shirt on a flat, clean surface and insert it onto a pre-cut mount. We then secure this using small safety pins which are better than other fixing methods as they cause little to no damage or holes in the shirt. Once the shirt is on the mount, we will fix it to the backboard in a colour of the customer’s choosing. This is done using wires attached to the initial pre-cut mount.

  1. Style the frame

.We offer a variety of styles with varying layers. Once the shirt is fitted to the backboard, we will insert different layers depending on the service chosen. Our top service Platinum will have an additional 2 borders which have photos and a plaque inserted into using high-quality tape.

  1. Assembling the frame:

Once all of the components are complete our framers will carefully assemble the frame. To create a 3D effect, the borders are inserted face down into the frame first. This is then followed by a wooden trim that sets the shirt back from the borders. Finally, the shirt (fixed to the backboard) is placed on top of the trim face down.

  1. Approval:

Before sealing up the frame with protective perspex, an approval photo will be taken of the frame for the customer to confirm.

  1. Protective Perspex:

Once approved the frame is then disassembled and a 2mm layer of Perspex acrylic is inserted to protect the shirt and the inside of the frame from dirt and contamination. The border and shirt is brushed gently at this stage to ensure no dust gets behind the perspex.

  1. Finishing and shipping:

The frame then undergoes a final quality check and is then packaged up and shipped using custom boxes and a strapping machine to maximize protection.

  1. Displaying the Frame:

Choose a location for your framed sports shirt that is well-lit but avoids direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading and damage to the fabric over time. Consider hanging the frame at eye level to make it a focal point in the room.


How to Frame a Sports Shirt – Conclusion

So now you know how to frame a sports shirt! Although these steps can help guide you frame your own shirt, this process requires years of practice. Our framers have over 5 years of experience and can save your time for as little as £52.95. Check out our top 5 services below or browse our menu to find over 100 different shirt and memorabilia framing combinations.

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