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Did you know The Shirt Framing Service offer a white label framing solution?

The Government have finally confirmed easing of restrictions keeping fans out of stadiums! Fans, can from December 2nd attend live sport again. Normality seems a reality again, albeit a distant one. So why not take advantage of our white label framing solutions. We frame for you utilising your brand and business, to protect your interest. Generating your business more income and profit for no initial outlay.

Boris Johnson confirmed that In Tier 1 areas up to 4,000 supporters will be able to attend football games. Or up to half the capacity of a stadium, whichever is fewest. In Tier 2 areas that number is reduced to 2,000 supporters. While clubs whose grounds are in Tier 3 areas will still not be allowed any fans in the ground.

The latest easing of restrictions are unlikely to improve the situation of clubs in any meaningful way.  Many of whom were in financial dire straits prior to the pandemic anyway. Gate receipts have already been non-existent for far too long. And many clubs have lost valuable and irreplaceable revenue.

But on this news there will be huge swathes of fans scouring football club websites. Fans who prior who would have been consuming their team news from other media partners. Such as local news outlets and of course Sky sports. All now attempting to get hold of the new coveted tickets

How Can You Capitalise on This Renewed Interest?

True fans are loyal and fans want to feel part of the club in any way they can. The hunger for tickets will far outweigh the supply. That is obvious!

One way we believe clubs and fans can both win in this scenario is by offering official signed football memorabilia. This is memorabilia that fans are purchasing already. Only from private entrepreneurs at present. Clubs can sell it directly on their website. Ecommerce has been unaffected throughout all the lockdowns thus far. So more consumers are shopping online and likely to be more comfortable making big ticket purchases online now.

But football clubs also have one other major advantage. As the employers of the players they can self-certify the authenticity. Offering just about the best guarantee possible that the signatures are real. Only adding to the items value and appeal to fans.

Clubs can also upsell a framing service that will generate more revenue. And with a framing service provider partner such as TSFS this is at no cost or investment by the club. With our white label framing services you can also brand our products and packaging how you wish. Merging our offering in to your product range seamlessly.

The Shirt framing service are the ideal partner in this endeavour. We can offer a TSFS branded or white label solution and become your out-sourced framing team. Creating bespoke designs for your club that cannot be bought anywhere else. With true exclusivity available on these designs so not even we offer them for sale.

The Shirt Framing Service white label service offers;

Quality customer-focused framing service
Quick turnaround
Bespoke club specific framing designs
Exclusivity on designs/styles
Delivery to your fans Nationwide and Europe wide

For more information on our white label framing solutions. Or on becoming a Shirt Framing Service affiliate or partner contact Jack on 01202 403615 or email an enquiry to us today.

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