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Like you, we found it difficult to find a reliable source of Shirt Framing for the right cost. Our journey started from that exact point!

We received some merchandise as a present and wanted to present it nicely in a frame. Finding somewhere was difficult, but then finding somewhere who was able to do it was even harder. To save you time, here are our 3 suggestions on where to go to get your shirt framed.

1 – Come to us!

We started humbly, but in the years we’ve spent perfecting what we do, we now pride ourselves as being one of the very best. We’ve framed hundreds of shirts and in doing so, shared hundreds of stories with our customers. This experience across all sports has meant our service is flexible to adapt to whatever comes our way!

Logistically, we’re no slouch either.  We’ve come on leaps and bounds to now have an extremely tough solution to shipping our frames nationwide! We can comfortably assure you of safe delivery from our workshop on the South Coast of England, all the way to your door.

2 – Local Framing Shops

Many small art framing shops and picture galleries still offer this service. With many having been around for years and years there is historical prestige these can offer. High street locations often make them easy to get to and find, plus a friendly face to talk to about your requirements can also be a great thing to have.

That being said, their costs will represent the rent they have to cover for their premium location. Inflated costs for this can steer the service into being slightly too costly to justify. Furthermore, as this service is sometimes an offshoot of a wider picture framing service, the variety of customisation options can be difficult.

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3 – Do it Yourself

If you’d like the challenge, you can try your hand at becoming a framer yourself! We’ve even written another Blog for you to see what is involved to produce a high quality framed shirt.

Nothing can be more rewarding than creating art out of your memorabilia, believe us, it’s truly awesome creating masterpieces…but be warned, it’s not easy. Mistakes will be made, but read our blog to ensure you learn from our mistakes.

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