Where Can I Buy Genuine Formula 1 Memorabilia?

Drive to Survive
Genuine Formula 1 memorabilia is more popular than ever since the release of Drive to Survive on Netflix. There are now several ways to buy authentic motorsports memorabilia. But you need to make sure items are Genuine when purchasing.
This article gives you the best methods when purchasing authentic Formula 1 Memorabilia

Get your memorabilia signed at a motorsport event

Many F1 drivers will be happy to sign items at race meetings. But there usually are big queues to get access to the top stars. You can have any bit of merchandise signed (as long as the driver agrees). You can guarantee that it’s genuine as you are having it signed in front of you.

But for resale purposes items will not come with a Certificate Of Authenticity. These are important as if you decide to resell, buyers will purchase an item based on the COA. The higher regarded in the industry the company is, the more the item will hold its value. For items of personal value that you will likely keep the value is irrelevant in many cases. The value to yourself will come from knowing, without doubt, the item is genuine and that you met your motorsport hero. A COA is largely immaterial if you intend to keep the item!

Deluxe Motorsport Cap Framing
F1 framed shirt - Genuine Formula 1 memorabilia

Purchase memorabilia online

There are many great places to buy memorabilia online. Yet there is one place that stands out for authentic items. This is www.f1authentics.co.uk. It is F1’s official memorabilia company and its well priced and always authentic. Memorabilia comes from the teams and has one of the best certificates on the market.

Driver websites offer signed memorabilia as a way of clearing old stock. a couple of years ago www.verstappen.com offered signed caps and shirts to fans at very good prices. We saw many of these come in for framing and an example of one of the signed baseball caps can be found here. The sale price was simply in reaction to the new season’s apparel changing slightly and it made the memorabilia being sold ‘last season’. However, for fans of Verstappen this isn’t at all important. Even this season’s shirt will be the old one next year again.

Get genuine Formula 1 memorabilia direct from team & sponsor competitions

More often than you think, F1 teams and sponsors will give away signed memorabilia. Recently Williams F1 gave away a bike signed by Nick Latifi. and Alfa Romeo seem to do lots on their social media channels. These are worth looking out for and can also be advertised by email. Only you are signed up to any of the team’s mailing lists.

Follow all the teams on any social media accounts you may have, and join their mailing lists too. And then enter every competition you have the opportunity to enter! A little luck later and you will likely be the proud owner for genuine and authentic motorsport memorabilia.

Framed motorsport helmet - genuine authentic memorabilia

If you already have motorsport memorabilia and looking to see framing options. All our motorsports framing styles can be viewed and purchased here.

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