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The Shirt Framing Service are unsurprisingly better known for our football shirt framing services. We did ensure it was in the name of the business when we started after all!

However we offer many other sports memorabilia framing services too. Here’s a few other options that you may not know about…

1. NFL/ Hockey Jersey Framing.

We offer 3 different styles for our American sports memorabilia framing, This includes, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MBL jerseys. The option below if be far our most popular option, This comes with choice of frame  background and border colours so you can match your team’s colours with your framing selection.

You can find the service here


2.  Cricket Bat Frame

We now offer full size and mini cricket bat framing. These look great on the wall in our sleek boxes. The standard cricket bat framing can be found here


Cricket bat framed


3. Snooker Cue Framing

This sports memorabilia framing service has been really popular recently. Purchase a service to frame your prized snooker cues. it comes with the option of a personalised plaque as well as two photos. Simply upload the photos during the order process and we print them in house. Then mount them in your frame with the memorabilia.  The Service can be found here

Snooker Cue Frame


4. Boxing Short Framing

From white collar boxing matches to Mike Tyson, we have framed all types of boxing shorts. In many shapes and sizes. We have two main boxing short framing services. However our favorite is the style pictured below. This has frame and colour options and you can also upload two photos to include. These usually take 2/3 weeks to frame once we have received the shorts. We can also add LED lights to the frames which give off a fantastic effect.



5. Boxing Glove Framing

Whether your Glove has been signed upright or length ways we have an glove framing option for you. Our Option come in a sleek black box frame with the added option of colours plaque and a photo.

You can find the Vertical Glove Option Here 

Your can find the Horizontal Option Here 

We also offer a number of other services and bespoke options. If there is item of sporting or music memorabilia you are looking to framed in a bespoke design please contact us here

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