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The Shirt Framing Service World Cup Predictions

With the Qatar 2022 world cup starting this weekend. We have deicided to put our pride on the line and give our full world cup predictions including our England first 11 to start the first game. (This was argued over for a long time until agreement was reached)

We are bound to be framing a number of world cup shirts over the next month for Christmas presents so thought it would be only right if we truly get involved.


Name: Jack 

Winners: England  

England To Finish: WINNERS!

Top Goalscorer: Thomas Muller

Surprise: Saudi Arabia 

Name: Tom

Winners: Argentina

England To Finish: Quarter Final

Top Goalscorer: Lionel Messi

Surprise: Mexico

Name: Aidan

Winners: Brazil

England To Finish: Round of 16

Top Goalscorer: Vinícius Júnior

Surprise: Uraguay

Name: Rob

Winners: France

England To Finish: Semi Final

Top Goalscorer: Harry Kane

Surprise: Serbia

Name: Digby

Winners: Spain

England To Finish: Quarter Finals

Top Goalscorer: Harry Kane

Surprise: Belgium


Name: Nay

Winners: Germany

England To Finish: Quarter Finals

Top Goalscorer: Harry Kane

Surprise: Ghana

Name: Neil

Winners: Portugal

England To Finish: Semi Finals

Top Goalscorer: Harry Kane

Surprise: Mexico

Our First England Team to Face Iran

Now don’t get us wrong. I’m sure a few of these will be surprised at this team but all of us had to make sacrifices to come to an agreement. Let us know what you think of our team.


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