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The Shirt Framing Service are proud to present our brand new array of products, The Boxing Legends Range. Over the last year, we have been working hard with manufacturers to produce a high-quality boxing framing solution. 

With British boxing enjoying a golden age, it is no surprise that we have had lots of enquiries for framing boxing memorabilia. However, through vigorous testing, we had found that a lot of boxing display cases were of poor quality, and so it has taken us a while to find good quality and affordable products. 

Sports framing is a service where you aim to get a wow factor and we find it important that this is continued throughout our range. Here we have done a overview of our new Boxing Legends Range perfect for framing your signed boxing gloves or even fight-worn gloves.

1.The Wall Hung Display 

The wall hung glove frame allows a sleek and effective design as well a strong casing for wall support. With a perspex plastic design there is no danger of glass shattering and allows the product to be lightweight and easy to fix. The glove fits in an upright position and its black perspective background allows for a shiny and clean finish. We can produce personalized plaques and backgrounds for the glove frame for an additional charge. Please click the product link here for more information or to purchase.

2. Horizontal Deck Mounted Display Case  

Our deck mounted display case allows a simplistic yet sleek design perfect for putting your signed memorabilia on display on a mantelpiece or on top of a cabinet in a horizontal position. Again we can provide additional personalized plaques and backgrounds to help to the product stand out. For more information on this item, please click here.

3. Vertical Deck Mounted Display Case 

If you’re looking to display your glove in an upright position, then this will be the best case for you. Again, made in Perspex plastic to prevent shattering these cases can be easily moved and cleaned with a soft cloth. For more information on this item, please click Here. 

4. The Upright Boxing Stand 

This simple but effective boxing stand allows an affordable way of displaying your gloves outside of a box. Gloves often cannot be secured and held in place just by themselves so this plastic stand ensures stability to hold the glove in the upright position. For more information on this item, please click here.



We have a selection of other products which are also available in store but currently available nationwide. Please contact us for further information about any of the items above or any bespoke requirements you have on our contact form here.

All products are available to purchase and are on display at our office in Pokesdown within In Off The Far Post

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