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Running can bring with it many benefits both physically, mentally and socially. 

Weight-loss and increased mobility ensure the body stays young – Continually striving to push through pain thresholds ensure that mental flexibility is developed and enhanced – Whilst the communal spirit from all who pound the pavement brings offers shared collective energy.

Striving to be the best version of yourself

Regardless of how you got into it, I imagine the person you are today is very different from the person who started running. This continual evolution of finding that extra mile, and finding it that little bit easier time after time, is an addictive element that keeps people going and going.

From our own experience in the continued pursuit of our chosen sports here at The Shirt Framing Service, we consider this the silent journey. It is a subtle, slowly meandering road that sees progression come on in leaps and bounds, and sometimes grind to a halt and feel like it is reversing.

Sometimes you need to Look at yourself to see how far you’ve come

Understanding the importance of being able to remind oneself of the importance of self progression is key, and we pride each and every participant to do just that! 

Cheer yourself on as you pass through shop windows – Picture yourself overtaking a former version of yourself as you come into the home straight – Throw your hands high as you cross the fictional finish line – Just celebrate!

However, you frame your successes…We’re proud of you!

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