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Every year since we started the business we have had an influx of Poppy shirts in November and December. For those who don’t know, the majority of league clubs in England and Scotland ( and some non-league) will wear a special poppy around the weekend of the 11th of December to remember those who have given their lives for war.  Shirts will then be auctioned off by each individual club or by the legion themselves.

We decided that it was about time that we designed a special frame to allow us to actually mount a poppy within it. We’ve worked long and hard to ensure that these are original and affordable. We’ve used slightly bigger frames than usual, to ensure that shirt have enough space to house the poppies comfortably and also show off larger pictures. The Frames either come in white or black with optional white and black backgrounds and borders.  You are able to mix and match design styles on our website. 

The Frames also give off a 3D effect with the shirt and the Poppies. This gives the shirt a ‘floating effect’ and allows the poppies to take center stage in the middle of the frame.

Our Frames Are £99.99 and We also will donate £2.50 to the Royal British Legion for every framing service we sell.  

To find out more or purchase a Poppy Framing Service please click here

We accept orders from all over the UK through our website once you have purchased your order, we will send an order form and details on where to send your shirt. We will frame your shirt up and return within two weeks. 

If you’re looking to purchase a poppy shirt please please find links below to the auctions in the upcoming months. 

Heres a few links to clubs auctions below. 

Premier League Clubs 


Selection of League Clubs 



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