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Single Signed Premium Shirt Framing

We are pleased to announce a brand new style of shirt framing which adds a sleek and 3d look to your favorite single signed shirts. We use a double mount at add great multi-colored effect which is brought towards the front of the frame to give us the look that the shirt is floating.

The frame has been specially designed to house single signed shirts and will not work with a fully signed shirt due to the length. The framing service also has full capacity to house 2 photos and a personalized plaque.

When ordering through the website you are able to upload your own photos and own plaque text to be included within the framing service, making it easy to achieve the exact to affect your after with minimal effort.

The website also allows you to choose frame, border and background colours when placing the order from our easy to use drop-down menus. This style is suitable for all sports shirt framing and the complete shirt framing service costs £99.99 + P+P

Wherever you are in the UK, You can place an order for your shirt to be framed here If you’re looking for something more bespoke please contact us here.




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