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We have written before about how and why The Shirt Framing Service started. And why we feel a national framing service provider was needed. Now all these years later going into our fourth Christmas we are feeling a little nostalgic.

We believe it is still important to be true to our original founding principals. Affordable, quality memorabilia framing with an old fashioned service ethos. And we are proud to still be following those principals today. Despite some unbelievable growth in the intervening years.

It is fair to say that when Jack founded The Shirt Framing Service all those years ago the majority of customers were local. And all of our work was framing football shirts. As was typical of the framing industry at the time.

But with inspirational foresight the company very early on invested in an e-commerce website. Opening up the business to the nation. Creating a true national framing service.

With the growth in online shopping we early on identified an opportunity to offer this service nationwide. And as of 2020 we can also ship to any EU country too. And European customers have the option of ordering through the website too. We have also had framing customers in North America!

Yet in those early days it still took more than 5 months for our first order to come through the website. Even with an all singing and dancing ecommerce website!

The change was slow, but the path was set. Nationwide sports memorabilia framing at an affordable price.

For as long as any of us can remember sports shirts and memorabilia would have been framed by your local picture framer. With no option but to pay the price they wanted. Albeit they did make each frame bespoke for the job at hand. But this led to massive disparity in framing costs across the nation. And we have heard of some very expensive frames

These bespoke frames are also notoriously hard to replicate and replace.

But we like to be different. Our prices are the best value for the quality because we only offer a few key styles. This enables us to buy parts, tools and consumables for framing memorabilia in bulk. Passing those cost savings on to our customers.

Not only that, but the framing process is quicker. Meaning we are typically better value than the typical high street framing company.

Despite the limited options we offer you are still able to personalise your framing service. Some of our products still have hundreds of possible combinations of colours. But we can ensure that should you come back for a matching frame it will be available off the shelf.

And yet should you not find a service on the site that suits your needs we invite you to contact us.

All the products listed on our site are only there because someone asked us for it. Our latest creations being race suit framing! Something we have not seen in the 4 years we have been going until this month.

Our national framing service is here to stay!

Vinyl record framing available nationwide
Football shirt and memorabilia framing, where we made our name - in this example an AFC Bournemouth shirt. Our nearest top flight team.
Racing suit memorabilia framed and on display
Mahomes NFL American Football Signed and Framed Shirt
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