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Important Dates and Information for Christmas 2020

Update 12/12/2020;

Notice: Delivery Before Christmas 🔔
The run-up to Christmas 2020 has been much busier than expected! Unfortunately as we have now reached capacity we cannot guarantee that orders placed after today will be framed and returned in time for #Christmas. 🎅🎁😲
This includes 3 Day Rush orders, which are now unavailable to order.
We are working on adding extra capacity so local customers may still call at #TSFSHQ and we will endeavour to meet your expectations. But due to delivery issues orders from further afield are more complex.
We apologise for any inconvenience. And hope that you understand we have taken this decision so as not to disappoint any one who has already ordered and to be able to give their orders for #shirtframing and other #memorabilia framing our full attention. It also allows us plenty of time to ship items back to customers so as not to be let down by couriers who are also under immense pressure at this time of year.
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Original Information Valid to 12/12/2020;

With Christmas now fast approaching we have definitely noticed an increase in enquiries and orders. As the UKs only Nationwide shirt framing service we will only get busier in the run up to the big day.

Business is so busy even now that our current lead time for framing is 10 working days. Don’t forget too this lead time is from when we are in possession of the shirt, NOT from when the order is placed.

So in light of this we are publishing some important information for Christmas. This includes our extended opening hours, opening times over the holiday period and of course last dates to order and get your shirts to us.

Last Order/Working Dates

Standard Delivery

EXPIRED – The deadline for framing and standard delivery has now passed.

If you still need your shirt framed by Christmas you only have two options;
Choose 3 day rush at the checkout or drop the shirt into us in person and book a collection slot.

The last date for online orders with standard shipping for a guaranteed return of your framed items is 11/12/2020. This is the date by which you MUST have ordered and delivered the shirt or memorabilia to us. Shirt Framing can take up to 10 working days to complete and is all processed on a first come first served basis on the standard service. The first come first served basis is on the date we receive the shirt!

3 Day Rush Delivery Service

EXPIRED – Unfortunately, Although the deadline for 3 Day rush has not passed we have taken so many orders that we do not have the capacity to frame and ship any more items prior to Christmas 2020.

The last date for online orders with 3 day rush for a guaranteed return of your framed items by Christmas is 18/12/2020. This is the date by which you MUST have ordered and delivered the shirt or memorabilia to us. We still have the capacity for all our standard services with 3 day rush to be framed in 3 working days. These are Budget, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum framing services. We cannot offer the 3 day rush on bespoke orders. We have increased capacity this year by opening on Saturday mornings, this extra capacity is helping us achieve the 3 day target on this service. 

* All guaranteed return dates are also subject to the courier performance, we cannot be held liable for courier delays but we will endeavor to despatch your delivery in time to get back to you under normal circumstances. All our usual standard terms and conditions apply.

Walk-ins & Local Customers

There is more flexibility for customers able to drop off and collect to us. Especially because we are not at the mercy of the delivery companies. The last date for walk-in orders for your items to be framed by Christmas is 19/12/2020. This is the date by which you MUST have ordered and delivered the shirt or memorabilia to us.

Shirt Framing Service Extended Opening Hours

For December this year we will be opening on Saturday mornings. This gives people more opportunity to drop off and collect shirts from us. And of course it increases our framing capacity. Our courier will NOT be delivering Saturdays. So this day is exclusively to catch up on framing and enquiries.

Holiday Period Opening Days & Hours

We are open for you to drop off items or collect framed shirts on all the days below over the holiday period.

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