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We are often asked ‘How do you Frame a Shirt?’…simply put, there is no easy answer. But we’ve done our best to simplify the process into 5 manageable steps. So, here goes…

1 – Understand what is important to be displayed

All of our bespoke framing jobs begin with a discussion around what elements of the shirt the customers want to be made most prominent. Signatures, special badges, numbering, sleeve badges, the makeup of shirts, across a wide variety of sports we cover can be vast.

Therefore it is crucial to be clear about what you want to display most. Once this has been set, we can then begin to think about how to go around getting the foundations right.

2 – Cut an insert

In order to display the shirts wrinkle-free and ensure a long-lasting hold when in the frame, we cut an insert that sits within the shirt itself. 

This insert is the unseen hero that makes your shirt pop. It is installed to enhance the elements of your framed shirt that are important. Ensuring this is done correctly and cleanly is vital to creating a well displayed and professional-looking framed shirt.

3 – Pin and Adhesive

Once the insert has been cut, we need to pin the shirt to it. This not only creates a crease-free, freshly ironed look but also establishes the rigidity that will ensure your framed shirt stands the test of time. Furthermore, it also ensures that the details identified in step 1, begin to take their place as the main focal points.

Without a doubt the most time consuming and tricky step. Our advice is to be aware of that and, if you’re framing your own shirt, to give yourself as much time as possible to achieve the desired result. It will not be the symmetrical or perfect first time, so make sure it is done in very small steps and tweaks until that desired look is achieved. You will not regret it.

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4 – Backing and additional items

Now that the shirt has got an insert and has been pinned to ensure it will retain its position, it’s on to placing the frame into its housing. The backing can have an impact on the thickness of the frame but generally speaking, our backings are cut to size in order to look simple, clean and, when applicable, apply some stylistic flair…

We can offer artificial grass backgrounds, which when coupled with your shirt can make it look extra special. If you prefer something sleeker and more discerning, our plain black, premium-grade card can ensure your shirt pops out of the frame.

5 – Fit frame front

Finally, all that is left to do is to place it all into the frame to be sealed. We ensure our framing solutions are set right from the very start, ensuring that this final step is essentially putting the cherry on the top.

Now you have had an insight into how the whole process works, we’d love to hear from you! If you’ve got more questions, or simply show off some of your work, then Get in Touch!

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