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One of the questions we’re continually asked is ‘How to frame a jersey for cheap?’

Cheap, as we’ve come to experience in our line of work can often mean fast and loose…which can lead to a framed jersey that simply won’t stand the test of time.

With little care to understand the recipient, the conditions the frame will be situated in, or the fundamental steps involved in displaying a piece of memorabilia, it can quickly begin to fade, or even worse, dislodge completely.

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Bronze in Name not by Nature

It is with this in mind, we urge you to think of value as opposed to cost when it comes to framing a shirt. We have created our Bronze range to not only appeal to the price-conscious customer but to also ensure that you receive the highest quality product.*

Situated as the least expensive of our tiered packages, it does not scrimp on quality. Utilising the same high-quality wooden frames and perspex as our silver range, it instead opts to ditch the elaborate sleeve displays and plaques seen in Silver.

It is, in our opinion, the best value framing solution on the market. Take a closer look at what we mean…

*How do we guarantee that? Well simply due to the hundreds we have framed for our happy customers in the past.


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