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“The Dorset Children’s Foundation was set up to improve and enrich the lives of children with disabilities and their families who are experiencing difficulties related to the impact of disability, including physical health, emotional strain, and social isolation through a range of provisions.”

We have teamed up with the Dorset Children’s Foundation and Mr. Robert Fagg (The Ex-Arsenal chef) to bring you the Dorset Children’s Foundation huge Christmas Auction. The DCF is a local charity to us at the Shirt Framing service so is important to us that we raise the most money we possibly can.


What has the DCF done for the community?

The Dorset children’s foundation provides many aids to Disabled children across Dorset such as Counseling, Therapy, and specialist equipment. Incredibly, 100% of the donations pledged to the Dorset children’s foundation go into these initiatives. This is thanks to their 3 charity shops which cover the majority of the organization’s overhead. Consequently, The team at the Dorset children’s foundation is very hands-on and offers amazing experiences that would not normally be easily accessed. One of these initiatives is “Accessible for all”. This offers sporting experiences to Children with disabilities. Importantly this helps fight the feeling of being “different” for the Children and their parents. This initiative is something the Team at TSFS really admires. Especially as sport is something for us that consumes the majority of our working life.


What is on offer in the auction and what has TSFS done?

We are very lucky to be working with Ex-Arsenal Chief Mr. Robert Fagg. Robert is kindly providing some amazing memorabilia that he has accrued throughout his time at Arsenal. This auction is live as of 8 pm on the 21st of December and will run for 7 days. We have provided our framing services for the signed boots and signed shirts provided. For the shirts, we use our Platinum service. This includes a 3D border effect, plaque, and photos. As well as this, the boots are framed using our 3D Boot framing service these also come accompanied by plaque and photos.

Browse the range of Memorabilia that is in the auction by going to The eBay page or clicking on the picture below.


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