Over the last 5 years White collar boxing has exploded in the UK. If you have never heard of it, it’s where people with no boxing experience train for a short period of time for a special one off boxing event. Money is often raised for charity and fighters train extremely hard during the upcoming weeks to fight to aim to be the victor.

This hasn’t happened due to to the dreaded COVID 19 of this year however. But we are still seeing a lot of enquires from relatives, loved ones or even fighters themselves. All asking for their boxing shorts from the event to be framed.

We’ve decided to launch a brand new boxing service Called Silver Boxing Shorts framing. Similar to our Nationwide Silver Shirt framing. Our competitive pricing includes as personalised plaque and a selection of colour options for frame and background.

‘I want to frame my signed Mike Tyson shorts’ I hear you say. Well this is absolutely perfect for signed memorabilia as well. When we designed the service, we managed to keep it professional and affordable. So it’s perfect for birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts for the boxing enthusiast in your life.

We also offer a selection of other boxing framing services. Suitable for gloves and vests in a variety of different styles to match your requirements These can be found on the link HERE.

Please click here to arrange you shorts to be framed or feel free to contact us on 01202 403615 for further information or bespoke framing requirements.

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