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The Shirt Framing Service are pleased to announce we have relaunched our American sporting memorabilia framing service.

Previously we offered the framing of American sporting apparel as an add on to our standard packages.

We had options for XL and XXL within the Bronze, Silver and Gold framing packages. But it became clear that the frames were not of a sufficient size to show off the framed items to their fullest. Nor were our customers ordering the correct size frame for their items. The XL/XXL option available on these services was often overlooked.

On many an occasion we would be sent an NFL jersey which the customer wanted framed in a standard sized Silver service frame. It was possible, and we made it happen. But we had to fold in the sides and bottom of the jersey to make it happen. This obviously wasn’t ideal especially if the NFL jersey featured additional details or signatures in these areas.

We are now able to offer a bespoke service suitable for framing larger sized apparel. Such as that often found in American sports including NFL jerseys. And as a standalone product with their own product category it should be easier to find the product you need.

And with new frames measuring 965mm by 660mm; Or 38″ by 26″ for our American cousins. Plus our protective packaging re-worked to suit, these are ideal for American sports jerseys.

The frames have already been tested with many different items of American sporting apparel. From signed American football jerseys to Baseball Jerseys. Even Ice Hockey, Lacrosse and Basketball vests. And everything in between.

At this time we are only able to offer the American sports framing service in Bronze and Silver services. Unfortunately the frames are too small to fit images below the shirt. As per our Gold service But this is something we are working to correct.

We still believe the two options on offer represent the best value for money. And they mimic the best selling services for our other sports memorabilia framing services.

Don’t forget we can also ship our frames all over the UK and Europe wide now too.

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