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Shirt framing and presentations have been highly popular for clubs to offer as a service for a number of years.

Whether a presentation to a fan, sponsor or even a special player, a framed shirt leaves a lasting memory of the occasion.  But did you know as a club there are many ways to increase revenue through the use of shirt? We have compiled 3 main ways we use to help clubs increase turnover through the use of framed shirts.

1 – Corporate Sponsorship

All professional and semi-professional clubs offer packages to sponsors for a variety of different reasons. Recently clubs have taken away the element of having a framed shirt and opted for decorative boxes as framing has previously proven to be too expensive and sponsors were often not in the position to transport frames home for sponsors.

We’ve worked hard with several clubs, delivery, and packaging companies to be able to offer a framing and delivery service for as little as just £65.00, This has meant that clubs have outsourced framing to us and allow an extra element to their corporate sponsorship which was not previously available.

The framing can be tailored to the sponsorship agreement with plaques, tickets, and programmes being inserted into the frame to make a personalized memory.

2 – Sales Through Signed Shirts

All fans love a signed shirt from their favorite players. We see hundreds of shirts every month which customers want framing from their favorite sportsperson or team, & many clubs already offer the option. Liverpool, in particular, has done fantastically well with their signed items, many of which are sent to us from customers, which are not pre-framed.

Their site can be seen below.


It’s a fantastic way to make the most out of your player’s publicity and an additional way of generating income without any outlays. We’ve found that this is mainly popular with fans who aren’t able to regularly watch the team. Furthermore, once a signed shirt is purchased by the customer, they often upgrade to have the shirt framed.

3 – End Of Season Commemoration Shirts

Clubs often find themselves with several shirts left over at the end of the season. These will be sold off usually at half the RRP. We have previously framed several shirts which commemorate a season’s achievements either with a plaque or footage of the highlights built into a screen within the frame.

Not only is this a great way to re-monetize old stock, but it is a great way of celebrating the season. These options are still offered at a low price and surprisingly popular with fans, in particular, season ticket holders who have been to every game.

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