Stainless Steel Medal Hangers Now Available

*** New Product Alert ***

New and in time for Christmas 2019 are our range of stainless steel medal hangers. The current range includes 6 medal hangers. Each featuring a different decal or detail to emphasise excellence (or participation) in a particular sport or discipline.

We plan in the near future to add to this range to expand in to even more sports, and offer more choice. If there is a design or sport you would like to see please contact us with your suggestion.

All of the medal hangers in our initial launch are manufactured in the United Kingdom. The are all manufactured from a quality 1.5mm thick stainless steel material. Making each medal hanger resistant to accidental damage and damp (so suitable for mounting in busy areas or outbuildings). The individual product pages also feature the dimensions of each medal hanger.

Supplied with all the required fixings. The medal hangers could be hung in a bedroom, gym or training area to display the fruits of hard work and dedication.


Medal Hanger Benefits

Putting medals on display in such a manner offers many benefits. A key benefit is obviously providing a location and safe storage space for those precious medals. Ensuring no medals go missing or get lost! Another is motivation, to have a constant reminder of the fruits of the hard work, which witll help on those dark, difficult training days.

The medal hangers make great gifts for the sporty person in your life, or indeed for yourself. Please note all medal hanger pries include postage and packing to mainland UK.

Medal hangers are also a more cost effective way to store and dsplay those medals than framing. Or perhaps use a medal hanger as an interim display whilst working towards collecting enough medals. or indeed completing a series of events before upgrading to a medal frame.


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